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Have you ever attended a one day conference where you learned about amazing things that you couldn’t wait to try when you got home, only to find that the busy pace of everyday life drew you back into the same routine and old habits?

Living With Live Wires Conference Club gives you the opportunity to participate in educational activities over four months for the same price as attending a one day conference, with significantly more value in content, retention and support in implementing lasting changes in your family life.

Living With Live Wires Conference Club for Parents of Gifted Children and Teens is an opportunity to experience a series of related webinars over months instead of a day, engage in discussion with other parents working on changes in their lives with gifted children, and take your time with resources and goals, all with the support and guidance of Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT, an experienced psychotherapist who is an expert in the special needs of gifted children.

The latest research, strategies and materials will be presented and discussed regarding the neuroscience of learning and stress reduction, executive functioning improvement for gifted, mindset and mindfulness strategies, parenting strategies for raising gifted children and teens, increasing creativity, dealing with challenges and enhancing life and learning through games and play.


Membership includes:

Monthly webinars, educational materials and exercises that will support making lasting change in your family life based on the latest research in neuroscience and parenting gifted children and teens (some content is provided that is specific to elementary, middle school and high school aged kids)

Resource lists for continued study about the latest in parenting gifted children and teens, mental health, social and emotional needs of gifted, neuroscience of learning and education. Access to a private forum for participants for unlimited discussion and professionally moderated Q & A sessions with Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT.


Living With Live Wires Conference Club for Parents is $69/month.


Webinar Descriptions for the Living with Live Wires Conference Club: Parenting Gifted Children and Teens

Month 1: KaBoom!: What to do When Gifted Kids Explode

Some gifted kids explode frequently, which can disrupt family life, peer relationships and school performance. Learn about several reasons some gifted kids may be emotionally reactive and act impulsively when they are frustrated or stressed. Learn about effective parenting techniques, make a plan for family peace and practice strategies in the home to improve the ability of gifted children to regulate their emotions and behavior. Create and practice your family calming plan throughout the month with the support of other parents of gifted children and teens and receive feedback and ideas from other parents and Anne Tyler. Q & A time with Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT will be scheduled.

Month 2: Brains on Fire: Preserving the Internal Flame without Self-Combusting

Gifted kids and teens can have intense interests and amazing capabilities, which are crucial to preserve. But, sometimes being flexible and calm when doing non-preferred tasks or tasks viewed as “too challenging” may not be their strengths.

Sometimes this places gifted kids at risk for underachievement. Research has shown that a child’s ability to improve certain executive functioning skills is more important than their IQ score in determining success throughout their school career. Learn about the neuroscience of cognitive learning to help gifted children train their brain to meet challenges with less stress and strategies to renew their motivation on a regular basis. Develop strategies to help your gifted child learn more effectively with improved executive functioning skills and a dynamic learning mindset. Use forum discussion time with other parents of gifted children and teens and Anne to receive feedback and share ideas. Q & A time with Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT will be scheduled.

Month 3: Opening Gifted Minds from the Inside Out

Learn about one of the most influential factors in the parenting and educating of gifted children and teens. It is not the academic fit, although very important. It is the hidden beliefs about learning and the secret self-talk inside the minds of the gifted child, teen, parent and educator that play one of the most important roles in the learning process and the development of skills. Explore ways to become aware of this internal dialogue and learn strategies to shape the future of gifted children. The latest research and proven strategies based on neuroscience, mindset and mindfulness will be presented to spark ideas to transform daily family life . Use discussion time in the forum for ideas to transform the language you use with your gifted child and transform their experience of life and learning. Q & A time with Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT will be scheduled.


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Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT is a family therapist with offices in Golden Valley and St. Paul, Minnesota. She specializes in gifted children, adolescents, adults and families. She helps gifted kids with anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, school problems, social issues, grief, executive functioning skills, family relationships and behavioral challenges. She also provides clinical pediatric self-hypnosis training and canine therapy with Sushi and Frodo. Anne facilitates specialized skill development groups called MindQuest to help gifted children and teens improve executive functioning skills. And, she provides presentations to parents and educators about the special emotional and social needs of gifted and how to support their executive functioning.

Anne lives with her husband, teenage twins and six pets in two locations in Minnesota. The all help facilitate the MindQuest groups for gifted kids and they have a great time creating the experience. Anne has homeschooled her twins for most of their lives and they are now attending high school. She loves to do several things with her kids, including Magic The Gathering, Ingress, dog training, travel, art, music, family genealogy, getting out into nature and watching sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and various other cool shows and movies. Their life together is all about creating something unique and interesting and embarking on the next adventure.