MindQuest: DeCypher

MindQuest: DeCypher

(Prerequisite: MindQuest: Stepping Up To Challenges (Part 1) )

MindQuest: DeCypher: Learning the Social Code while Working in Groups

Does your bright kid have trouble working in groups? Would they rather do all the work on their own, withdraw from groups, or do they get upset at others when they don’t do what they want?

Working in groups is a crucial skill for school success as children get older. And, challenges working with others can be a common problem for some gifted kids.

MindQuest: DeCypher groups will challenge the participants to work together to complete a project. This spring (2018), the participants will design and make a board game. At each step of the process, the participants are given instructions on how to communicate more effectively, problem-solve and negotiate their ideas with others. They will learn strategies to increase their positive self-talk and their ability to share helpful comments when working in groups. There will be instruction and practice on how to handle impulsive emotional reactions. They will receive coaching as they complete the projects and the group members will learn how to develop more empathy towards each other.