MindQuest: Game On! (Part 2)

MindQuest: Game On! is the most intensive group offered by MindQuest. Each participant and their parents/caregivers will set individualized goals and receive support to accomplish those goals. This is your child’s opportunity to work together with a group of gifted students to develop new productive habits. The psychology of gaming will be used to motivate and inspire change in a more exciting way.

Activities will build on executive functioning skills practiced in Part 2 group sessions: Research-based strategies to improve emotional/behavioral regulation (self-calming), paying attention, flexibility, AND Part 2 groups sessions will add strategies for more executive functioning skills including reducing impulsivity, increasing task initiation and improving organization and study skills (as age appropriate).

Game On! is offered to support the opportunity to develop successful habits. Participants can repeat this group as many times as desired to work on new and individualized goals.

Go for the Epic Win!

Challenge yourself
Recruit your allies
Collect and activate power-ups
Find and battle the bad guys
Adopt a secret identity
Seek out and complete quests

Prerequisite: MindQuest: Stepping Up To Challenges (Part 1) or special permission from Anne Tyler,MS, LMFT

Included in the fees:
Group sessions of 1.25 hours each for child participants. And, parents/caregivers attend the last 20-30 minutes of each group session to give their child time to practice communicating about their goals, progress and challenges.
Extensive supportive materials for parents/caregivers and their child.
Groups for Parents/caregivers to support the implementation of goals with your child. Parents meet three times during Game On! Groups (3 sessions).