Halcyon Groups

Help Your Child or Teen
Ease Into the New School Year


Managing stress, anxiety and sensitivities in the lives of children and teens

Halcyon groups for high potential teenagers support those who are intense, sensitive, or highly creative. Highly sensitive teens can easily experience stress in their daily lives from school challenges, peer pressures or difficult life situations. This can often cause anxiety, worries, perfectionism, irritability, underachievement or withdrawal.

Halcyon groups for elementary high potential students help support those who have anxiety and stress that interfere with their ability to learn, perform or enjoy social relationships. Sometimes young children feel stress from new experiences and daily pressures that can cause worries, emotional and behavioral dysregulation and upsets in the home.

Halcyon groups are designed to teach strategies to manage stress responses and develop a growth mindset to meet challenges. Research shows that these two skills are powerful tools that can determine success in daily life and school even more than IQ or abilities.

Group lessons will include visualization exercises based on self-hypnosis, strategies to reduce anxiety, discussions about the unique intensities and sensitivities of giftedness, motivation techniques to handle challenges, lessons about the brain science of stress responses and optimal learning, mindset strategies, mindfulness exercises and cognitive behavioral techniques that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve performance in school, activities and social relationships.

Halcyon groups meet for 6 sessions. Parents are provided with materials to support the journey of their child or teen.

Halcyon: Calm and peaceful; tranquilA fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher, which was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves while it nested on the sea during the winter solstice.

Final Note: It is important to note that Halcyon groups are skills development groups and not therapy or behavioral management groups. If your child has significant behavioral challenges this may not be the group for them at this time. If your child shows significant behavioral problems, they may not be able to continue and you will be offered more appropriate resources for your child to help them with behavioral challenges.