MindQuest: MasterMind (Part 3)

MasterMind is a specialized advanced group for previous participants who have completed GAME ON! (Part 2). This group provides ongoing skill development over three months with groups scheduled every 2 weeks (6 group sessions). There are parent group meetings once a month (total of 3). And, there is an online forum for parents to discuss topics and ideas between groups. There is an optional 20-minute session at the end of the groups which will include movement and mindfulness activities for self-regulation and attention training facilitated by Sean Tyler and created by Anne Tyler.

The theme for these groups will be the Path of Mastery. What does it mean to be on this path, what does it look like and how to be on your own Path of Mastery. Themes for the games will be exploring and collecting treasure. There will be increased time for activity and discussion among the participants in pairs and small groups in Part 3 as they seek to apply the concepts and skills to their own lives in a deeper way. And, families can set individualized goals which will be discussed at the end of each session.

MasterMind: The groups will provide core skill development in self-regulation through games and activities based on growth mindset, mindfulness, issues of high potential, and dealing with challenges and mistakes. And, there will be specialized topics in each session, listed below.

Emotional/Behavioral Regulation: One set of topics help develop emotional coping strategies and resilience from low mood, anxiety, anger/frustration and irritable thoughts that often stand in the way of learning and daily living skills. Obstacles such as refusals, resistance and stress from daily life routine and non-preferred expectations will be discussed.

Distractedness/Impulsiveness: The other topics include how to develop self-control strategies for the busy mind, talkativeness, distractedness, impulsive behavior and high energy needs. Social skills will be practiced supporting development of more patience, thinking before acting and awareness of consequences.

Special Extra:

Movement and Mindfulness Games for Self-Regulation

Sean Tyler (my son) is offering movement and mindfulness game time for the first time before or after groups to increase practice time for self-regulation. All activities are designed to help participants develop more self-control and a higher level of attention and are from the curriculum that Anne Tyler is designing for the educators to use in the classroom. Sean will be teaching the kids short inspirational messages to help them remember to practice skills. He will provide a handout with the messages and ways to implement strategies at home. He will share insights from his own life. I think it is inspiring for kids to have a teen show them how to develop skills since it is much more interesting than when only coming from adults.

Sean Tyler is a 16-year old college student taking classes through PSEO. He has been involved in the MindQuest groups since they began five years ago and loves helping with the activities. He is a high potential teen with the desire to “move” and be active. He really understands the needs of the children who attend MindQuest groups. He is a volunteer at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul and with the children’s program at the Clouds in Water Zen Center. Sean is an athlete who plays lacrosse and trains in parkour/freerunning. Sean is studying in college with aspirations of teaching fitness, providing pediatric therapeutic massage, athletic training and eventually physical therapy with an emphasis in pediatrics.