MindQuest Online

Are you living in a community without specialized services for high potential children or their families?
Have you read everything you can find about raising gifted children and still wanting more to help you and your family?
Do you receive unhelpful judgements from family, friends and school personnel who don’t understand the complex needs of your unique child or teen?
Do you feel alone in your struggles to help your intense and/or sensitive gifted child?

Raising high potential or creative children and teens can be a complex endeavor. There are often many complicated situations that arise due to high sensitivities, intensities and sometimes low executive functioning that create daily life challenges for gifted children or teens and their families. Some of these challenges can place a child or teen at risk for underachievement and mental and behavioral health issues.

Parents can develop “chronic caregiving stress” when their high potential child has high needs. It often takes specialized expertise from someone who understands raising gifted children to find a path out of this cycle of stress.
Many questions arise when raising gifted children about how they are different, where to find information and resources, how to apply that information to your own situation and what to do when you are stuck and can’t find options to support your family.

Join the online learning community where resources and answers are within reach.

The same great MindQuest materials, support and coaching to teach better executive functioning to high potential children and teens are now available online.

Families who do not have access to MindQuest groups in-person can receive online coaching, classes and materials that have been highly successful helping hundreds of gifted children in the Twin Cities of Minnesota for the past several years.

Course Descriptions Available HERE (Google Doc)