Executive Functioning Skills Development
Groups for High Potential Students

MindQuest: Stepping up to Challenges
(Part 1 – Introduction)

MindQuest: Stepping Up To Challenges groups are created by Anne Tyler, LMFT and have been held in the Twin Cities for several years. These popular groups have a uniquely dynamic games-based format designed to engage intense and sensitive gifted students to develop executive functioning skills. Rave reviews and results keep these groups going and growing! Special themed skills development groups include LEGOS, Minecraft and Pokémon Go.

Executive functioning skills practiced in Part 1 group sessions: Research-based strategies to improve emotional/behavioral regulation (self-calming), paying attention, flexibility.

Additional topics and areas of skills development:

  • Mindfulness practices – self-calming, mindful listening and mindful talking
  • What is a Challenge? How to handle the frustration of non-preferred tasks
  • Unique intensities, sensitivities and sensory challenges, and the social and emotional needs of giftedness
  • Brain science of learning, stress reduction and promoting happiness and confidence
  • Social skills and self-advocacy

Included in the fees:

  • Group sessions of 1.25 hours each for child participants. And, parents/caregivers attend the last 10 minutes of each group session to learn about what their child accomplished and their child is given the chance to practice communicating about their insights.
  • Extensive supportive materials for parents/caregivers and their child.
  • Recorded webinars for parents providing in-depth information about executive functioning and gifted children and how to create a family calm plan.


Comments from past participants:

My child “looked forward to going every week- he liked it! He also thought it was cool to learn about the different parts of the brain.”

It was helpful to learn “how the brain works and why he feels certain ways, then showing choices for reacting differently.”

It was helpful to “Understand how his brain works and knowing that he is not alone.”

My child “is helping his sister calm down when she gets frustrated, and using positive self-talk.”

Note: It is important to note that both MindQuest: Challenges and Game On are skills development groups and not therapy or behavioral management groups. If your child has significant behavioral challenges this may not be the group for them at this time. If your child shows significant behavioral problems, they may not be able to continue and you will be offered more appropriate resources for your child to help them with behavioral challenges.

Digital Image Credit: Copyrighted MindQuest Dragon and Shield are the creation of Sophie Tyler, Digital Artist