opportunityTyler Institute is currently located in Edina, Minnesota. Tyler Institute seeks to provide high quality integrative medical and mental health services to children, adolescents, families and adults. If you are interested in developing your practice and would be excited about working with other supportive professionals who are energized by collaboration, this opportunity is for you. There will be regular opportunities for individual and group consultation, and support to provide training, consulting, groups and conference presentations, if desired.

Tyler Institute has practice management professionals with over 20 years experience implementing and managing Electronic Health Records, providing efficient billing and collection systems, assisting with credentialing (group contracts available for some insurance) and offering technical support. We are currently seeking Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP) specializing in Pediatric Mental Health, licensed psychologists and neuropsychologists, and licensed mental health professionals (LMFT, LP, LICSW). Preference will be given to those that provide medical care, treatment or psychological testing to children and teens and those that have insurance credentials. If interested, send resume and cover letter to Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT at anne@tylerinstitute.org.